Step 3: Start the Transition to Weight Maintenance

Step 3: Start the Transition to Weight Maintenance

Welcome to Step 3 of the Maintain Weight Forever cycle. This section is all about transitioning from weight loss to weight maintenance. There are several factors you must consider before making the transition to weight maintenance. Once you’ve addressed the different topics below, you’ll start maintaining your weight for the rest of your life.

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This section covers the following areas:

Weight Maintenance Preparation
Loose Skin After Weight Loss
Set New Fitness Goals
Transition to Weight Maintenance

Read through the first three sections at least twice before you reach the end. I want you to be fully prepared before you make the transition to weight maintenance. Remember, we want to do this properly the first, and only, time. This is about maintaining a healthy weight forever, so take the time to get ready. Reading a few articles is worth it when you’re preparing for a lifetime of success.

Weight Maintenance Preparation

I’m sure you want to rush into maintenance, but that’s a bad idea. There are steps to take before starting maintenance. For a start, you might not even be ready to maintain yet. Also, you can’t maintain a certain weight if you’re not sure what that weight should be. Completing this section will provide some vital insight into your maintenance journey.

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Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Everyone looks forward to meeting their fat loss goal. No one looks forward to saggy skin. Excess skin is caused by several factors. For some people, the excess skin is permanent. Others might be able to shrink the skin back. This section will help you deal with saggy skin and increase your chance of the skin shrinking back.

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Set New Fitness Goals

For weeks, months, years or even decades, losing weight has been an ultimate goal of yours. What happens when you achieve your goal? You set a new one! The best way to maintain is to keep setting and meeting new targets. That’s why I recommend setting fitness goals. I’m sure you are very fit, but we can always be fitter, stronger, faster and healthier. Browse the different exercises and see which workout to master next. The exercises are ranked from easiest to hardest.

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Transition to Weight Maintenance

If you haven’t already, please reread the previous three sections. You must have completed them before you begin weight maintenance. By now you should have a weight maintenance range, a saggy skin regimen, and chosen the next exercise you’ll start doing. Are you sure you’re ready? Then proceed to the last part of Step 3.

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You’ve reached the end of Step 3. Well done!

You’ve worked very hard through Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 to get here. If you need to, feel free to return to Step 2. Remember, you don’t have to start weight maintenance unless you’re ready. When it’s time, move on to Step 4: Start Living the Weight Maintenance Lifestyle.