10 Things To Do At Your Goal Weight

10 Things To Do At Your Goal Weight

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Congratulations! You’ve finally met your goal weight.
After some tough weight loss or weight gain, you’ve achieved something millions only dream of. You’ve discovered the best body for you! There’s so much information about losing weight, but happens after you’ve finished?

Here are 10 things to do at your goal weight. Please do 1-3 first before doing the rest.

  1. Celebrate – Smile, laugh, cry! Don’t celebrate with a binge or the scale will rise…
  2. Change Your Calorie Range РTo stop losing or gaining, adjust your calorie range.
  3. Choose Your Weight Range – Follow these 3 easy steps to the perfect weight maintenance range here.
  4. Support Systems – Weight maintenance is tougher alone. Join maintenance groups like this one at 3 Fat Chicks.
  5. Clothes Shopping – Calm down, ladies! Remember how to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget.
  6. Sculpt and Tone – Sculpt and define a hot figure with strength training. Don’t worry! You won’t bulk up.
  7. New Workout Routine – You can cut down on the time spent exercising, but don’t stop altogether!
  8. Share Good Health РIf they ask, share your healthy habits with anyone who is still losing or gaining weight.
  9. New Goals – Goal setting maintains your motivation, which greatly helps lifelong weight maintenance.
  10. Maintain – If you give up your healthy habits, the lost fat will return!

Please share this list with other maintainers, and anyone who is close to their goal weight. There are so many things to do once weight loss or weight gain ends, but please pay close attention to suggestions 9 and 10. They are the most important parts of maintaining forever. Ask regainers where they slipped up, and I bet it relates to not setting new goals or returning to old habits. Keep boredom at bay so the fat stays away!

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