Maintain Your Weight for a Day, Not Forever

Most people who lose or gain weight don’t maintain forever. They end up going right back to square one, where they have to start all over again. The harsh reality is that staying at your goal weight requires watching your food intake, exercise routine, and body fat levels forever. When people hear scary words like ‘forever’ and ‘for the rest of your life’, they feel something powerful and overwhelming: Fear.

The thought of exercising forever is scary. The thought of counting calories forever is scary. The thought of watching the scale forever is scary. The level of commitment required to succeed at weight maintenance is scary. Suddenly weight loss and weight gain seem so easy because they are temporary. Weight maintenance is permanent.

So why on earth am I telling you to maintain your weight for a day, not forever? Doesn’t this message go against the reason this website was even created?

Think about it. Plan what you’ll do for the next 24hrs. No problem, right? Now plan what you’ll do for the next 60 years. Whoa…See, that’s fear (nerves mixed with confusion). Considering too much too soon and too far ahead is scary because you’ve no idea what the future holds.

Forever (or the rest of your life) consists of thousands of days. Instead of tackling them all at once, focus on one at a time. Forget what you’ll do when you’re married, raising children, older, etcetera. Focus on today and your current circumstances.

“A journey begins with a single step.”  Forever begins with a single day.

To maintain your weight forever, you need to maintain your weight for a day.