Step 1: Find the Best Weight Maintenance Support System

Welcome to Step 1 of the Maintain Weight Forever cycle. This section is all about discovering new resources, choosing your personal support system, and learning about this website’s mission to offer weight maintenance support.

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This section covers the following areas:

An Introduction to Maintain Weight Forever
Healthy Living Quotes for Maintenance
Building Strong Support Systems

It’s best to work your way through each area. You might be tempted to skip certain areas. I can’t stop you from doing that, but can you do me a favour? Please don’t move on to Step 2 without reading the support system topics. If you skip those, you WILL regain the weight.

An Introduction to Maintain Weight Forever

The following topics introduce you to the Maintain Weight Forever website. You’ll find out why it was started and who started it (me!). You’ll also find out who benefits most from you regaining the weight.

A Message from the Diet Industry – Read it here!

About Maintain Weight Forever – Learn more!

My Maintenance Journey – Get to know me!

90 Healthy Living Quotes for Maintenance

A healthy lifestyle is a key part of successful weight maintenance. People who regain tend to live a healthy lifestyle for weeks, months or a few years if they’re lucky. Successful maintainers live a healthy lifestyle for life. Remember, it’s a LIFEstyle. Not a daystyle, weekstyle or monthstyle.

The following quotes will boost your self-esteem and self-worth. Read through each section and regularly reread each topic, particularly the quotes on diet, exercise and health. A poor diet leads to regain, lack of exercise means being unfit, and good health is the greatest gift we have. A gift money can’t buy.

18 Healthy Diet Quotes for Successful Weight Maintenance – Get motivation here!

18 Exercise Motivation Quotes for Successful Weight Maintenance – Be inspired right now!

18 Healthy Self-Esteem Quotes for Successful Weight Maintenance – Boost your self-worth!

18 Healthy Lifestyle Quotes for Successful Weight Maintenance – A healthier life awaits!

18 Success Motivation Quotes for Successful Weight Maintenance – Start succeeding now!

Building 5 Strong Support Systems

The support systems below are all free or affordable. Weight maintenance support should be available and accessible to everyone, no matter how much money you have. You don’t need any expensive subscription service. Just track your weight and find someone or some people to be accountable to.

A Free Maintenance Spreadsheet & User GuideDownload it now!

Maintain Weight Forever, the book – Start reading today!

Top 3 Weight Maintenance Websites – Sign up for free!

You’ve reached the end of Step 1. Well done!

I know you’ve been working very hard to reach this point. Once you’ve read every section of this page, it’s time to move on to Step 2: Lose the Last 15 Pounds for the Last Time.