Maintain Weight Forever isn’t exclusively for weight maintainers or people close to their goal weight. Everyone should read these articles so they know what it takes to maintain a healthy weight forever. Many of the tips, reviews, articles, etc I’ll share with you apply to weight loss and weight gain too, so invite others at all stages of their healthy lifestyle journey.

I started this website because I’m very worried about the lack of support for weight loss maintainers. The diet industry doesn’t want maintainers because we don’t make them much money – successful maintainers don’t do fad diets, buy gimmicky exercise equipment, rely on diet pills, or risk weight loss surgery – so the industry has to keep everyone fat, thin, or slim and unhappy to survive and make billions in profit.

Join me as we prove the diet industry wrong by maintaining our weight loss or weight gain. Despite the depressing “95% will regain” figure floating around, each of us can decide to be within the 5% who defy the odds. The more the merrier, so let’s make that 5% grow until we’re the majority! Weight loss and weight gain are the end of one journey, but weight maintenance is the beginning of another. A journey that lasts a lifetime. A journey that goes on forever.

I am a British freelancer who works internationally, writing and editing a range of fitness works including articles, blogs, proposals, reports, biographies, and novels. On 1st May 2006, I began my weight loss journey. After 20 years overweight and eventually obese, I reached my healthy BMI range and am working toward my ideal body fat. Please submit business enquiries here, and don’t forget to check my websites: Cutting Fitness and Healthy Black Queens.